color my boobs coloring book

Color My Boobs

This is a completely real and completely awesome coloring book. Obviously, this is not a book for kids, but a book for men and women who enjoy the pure pleasure of boobies. Hey, I know I do. Boobs are awesome. Available for just $9 at Amazon. And, for some completely insane reason, you can get it on your kindle for just $1, but how the hell are you supposed to color that in?

miranda kerr

An Open Letter to Miranda Kerr

Dear Miranda,

I guess the first thing I want to say is that I am not some sort of weird stalker. Sure, when it comes to being online, I do look at the occasional photo of you and some of those photos are of you in the nude (thanks WWTDD), but I’m not a stalker. I just to be clear with that.
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